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Intuitive Psychic Reading
In my psychic readings I channel messages along with using tarot, oracle cards and pendulum. My readings also include Akashic Records, past life energy, present energy, future energy, soul purpose, life purpose and path, astrology, numerology and connecting with loved ones who have crossed over.

Intuitive Psychic Reading

Ready to awaken your inner power and unlock your true potential?

Step into a transformative session where we’ll connect with your higher self and tap into the wisdom of your guides and ancestors. Access a wealth of hidden knowledge and powerful energies that can empower you in every aspect of life.

Discovering the energy patterns you’re meant to embrace – a personal blueprint for navigating your spiritual journey. Uncover your soul’s unique resonance with the universe, drawing you towards harmonious connections and vibrant purpose.

Empowering your everyday life – with intuitive insights and guidance, unlocking doors to success and fulfillment. See every moment infused with potential – a symphony of intuitive nudges guiding you towards personal triumphs and deep satisfaction.

Infusing your metaphysical practice or business with amplified energy and clarity – attracting abundance and reaching new heights. Awaken your innate spiritual gifts and magnetize new levels of prosperity for your practice or business, gently guided by the wisdom of your ancestors and higher self.

Shamanic Tarot Reading
Mystical Shamanic Reading
Using Mystical Shamanic practices and traditions you will see where you are blocked and what is keeping you from your true purposeful abundance. This reading can also help you if you are preparing to work with sacred medicine plants.

Mystical Shamanic Reading

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and profound healing through the ancient wisdom of Mystical Shamanism.

Delve into the Hidden Depths of Your Being: Uncover the hidden dimensions of your existence by exploring the realm of shadow energy, the unacknowledged aspects of your psyche that hold the key to unlocking your true potential.

Embrace Purposeful Abundance: Through the transformative power of Mystical Shamanism, liberate yourself from the shackles of self-doubt and limitations, paving the way for a life overflowing with material, spiritual, and emotional abundance.

Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony: A Gateway to Transformation.. Prepare your mind and soul for a sacred plant medicine ceremony, a transformative ritual that utilizes the profound healing properties of plant medicines to access the spirit world and mend deep-seated wounds, including trauma and addiction.

Embark on a Path of Personal Transformation: Embrace the transformative power of Mystical Shamanism and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery, healing, and abundance.

Akashic Record Reading
Akashic Records Reading
We will be pulling four different records from your Akashic Records. This helps you understand past lessons that you have lived through, and for some, understand tragedy and loss. This reading will help project you towards your spiritual path in this lifetime.

Akashic Records Reading

Embark on a Soul Awakening Journey through Your Akashic Records

Unveil the hidden tapestry of your soul’s journey by delving into the vast expanse of your Akashic Records, a celestial repository of your past lives and experiences across Earth, other planets, and dimensions.

Chart Your Path to Spiritual Fulfillment: Gain profound insights into your life’s purpose and spiritual path by illuminating the lessons learned and patterns formed throughout your past incarnations.

Heal and Transform through Past Life Regressions: Understand the root causes of recurring challenges, patterns, and emotional burdens by revisiting past lives, allowing for healing and transformation.

Reconcile with Tragedy and Loss: Find solace and understanding in the face of past tragedies and losses, gaining a deeper perspective on the interconnectedness of your soul’s journey.

Embrace Your Soul’s Purpose: Through this profound exploration of your Akashic Records, you will gain clarity, direction, and empowerment, aligning your actions with your soul’s true purpose.

Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings
Metatron Sacred Mask Reading
Using sacred geometry accessed from the Akashic records, we will look for blocks and damage from this life and past lives. Included with this reading is a handmade Divine Healing Mask and personalized Crystal Healing Pouch

Metatron Sacred Mask Reading

Look for blocks and damage from this life and past lives with this reading that comes with a custom Crystal Healing Pouch

Sacred Geometry Reading: Utilizing sacred geometry as a guide, we will explore your Akashic Records, a celestial repository of your past lives and experiences, to identify blocks and damage that are hindering your spiritual growth and overall well-being. This insightful reading will illuminate your soul’s purpose and provide you with a roadmap to a life of fulfillment and abundance.

Handmade Divine Healing Mask – Unleash your Potential:

As an added benefit of this transformative experience, you will receive a handmade Divine Healing Mask, crafted to amplify the healing energies during your reading and facilitate ongoing healing.

Additionally, a personalized Crystal Healing Pouch will be prepared for you, containing an assortment of carefully selected crystals tailored to your unique needs and energy signature.

These crystals will serve as powerful allies on your journey of spiritual transformation, providing support and guidance as you move forward.

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