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Joette Shaffer, Psychic - Asheville NC

Growing up as a child, I was open to all energies. When I turned 18, I was given a book from my uncle about light and love. It was there in that moment that everything fell into place. Since then, I have walked many paths of both enlightenment and healing.

Later on in my 30’s I freed my inner child and finally knew what it felt like to feel real emotion. That’s when I discovered my own personal Divine Unicorn spirit. I had found my purpose. I knew then that part of my journey in this lifetime is to guide and heal the spirit while leading others to find their own personal Divine Unicorn spirit within.

When I turned 40, I was guided to connect deeper with Mother Earth and all her beautiful plant and animal spirits. That’s when I started my sacred Plant Medicine journey. I began to sit with many sacred medicines and plants both in ceremonial retreats and practicing with rituals every day. I soon learned that I am medicine, and my sacred readings are medicine as well.

I am still continuing on my personal healing journey while opening up to more spirits, worlds, and dimensions to connect with more souls on their own personal healing journey.



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I worked for many years in the spiritualist camp known as Cassadaga, in a community of psychic readers and clairvoyants. Located in Florida on a ley line, it is known as the Psychic Capital of the World. It was there that I did spiritual outreach with people from all walks of life, and had an opportunity to share my views through several media interviews.

Orlando Sentinel Interview

In 2019, the Orlando Sentinel interviewed me for their article Cassadaga: 24 hours in Florida’s ‘Psychic Capital of the World’. In this article, I gave an Akashic Records Tarot reading to Patrick Connolly, the interviewer. It was his first time visiting Cassadaga. You can read the entire article here: The Orlando Sentinel “Cassadaga: 24 hours in Florida’s ‘Psychic Capital of the World

UK Mirror Interview

In 2020, I was interviewed by Christopher Bucktin of the UK Mirror. He came to visit the “Psychic Capital of the World“, as it is known, in Cassadaga, Florida. In my interview I spoke to him about the Great Awakening and how now is the time to seek spiritualism so that we may re-calibrate humanity. You can read the entire article here from the UK Mirror: “Inside ‘Psychic Capital of the World’ home to over 60 mediums and psychics”.

Youtube Podcast Interview

And, in 2020 I was featured in the first ever episode of the Excuse Me, What? Podcast. I discussed with him the process reading, my life as a psychic, and how I came to find my powers. We also discussed astral projection and meditation.

This was an enlightening and fun interview with Luke Touma, so sit back and enjoy it here, you may learn something new! Excuse Me, What Podcast (Youtube)

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