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When becoming Energy Conscious, it's not about what you know...It's all about what you want to know
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Joette Shaffer Psychic Medium

Coaching Souls Since 1999

Professional Psychic  Clairvoyant Medium  Energetic Healer

Joette is a intuitive spiritual advisor, psychic medium and medicine woman.

She has been doing spiritual energy work for over 25 years all over the world, coaching, healing and guiding souls and herself.

She has a deep connection with Mother Earth and all animal and plant spirits. She is also a clear and open channel to the divine gifts of sacred energy, intuition and guidance.

In her session she will dive into your Akashic Records using tarot, oracle, astrology, numerology and mediumship. She is able to look into the past, present and future, life purpose, relationships, career and help assist with any blockages that are holding you back from true abundance

Mystical Shamanic Shadow Reading

Using Mystical Shamanic practices and traditions you will see where you are blocked and what is keeping you from your true purposeful abundance. This reading can also help you if you are preparing to work with sacred medicine plants.

Akashic Records Reading

We will be pulling four different records from your Akashic Records.  This helps you understand past lessons that you have lived through, and for some, understand tragedy and loss. This reading will help project you towards your spiritual path in this lifetime.

Metatron Sacred Mask Reading

Using sacred geometry accessed from the Akashic records, we will look for blocks and damage from this life and past lives. Included with this reading is a handmade Divine Healing Mask and personalized Crystal Healing Pouch

Tarot Readings Near Me
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Psychic Medium in Cassadaga

The ‘Excuse Me, What?’ Podcast

I traveled to Cassadaga, the Psychic Medium Capital of the World, to meet with medium, planet whisperer, and archangel accomplice Joette.

One on One Personal Training

In this spiritually intensive workshop we will connect with your higher self and channel your guides and ancestors in a step by step process.  We will be focused on these energies to unfold your spiritual journey.

The Divinity Workshop

Each workshop will include taking a look into your Akashic Records, finding what frequency is needing healing and training on how to develop the special gifts that have been hidden from you.

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